How To Get Column Data On Each List Items row in a Xslt List View WebPart

In SharePoint 2007, We can get all column data bellow xslt code.
This sample is getting "Title" column value in "Modified" column.

Also we can get same result bellow code.

The Bellow image is result.

In SharePoint 2010, we cannot use the above code. We should use bellow code.

The Bellow image is result.

Then, I introduce how to add this code easily in SharePoint Designer.

  • Open AllItems.aspx or other new view page in SharePoint Designer.
  • Click "Advanced Mode" in Home tab to enable to edit entire page.

  • Click List View Web Part in Design View.

  • Click "Customize XSLT" - "Customize Entire View" in Design Tab. 

  • Drag & Drop "Title" from Data Source Detail to Xslt List View Web Part.

  • You can check the code in Code View.

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