How to Customize Default Approval Workflow (Part.1)

I'm sorry it has been taken long time since previous blog post.
Today I'd like to introduce how to customize default approval workflow using only SharePoint Designer (with non code).
This is new feature in SharePoint 2010. In SharePoint 2007, we couldn't customize default approval workflow. So you needed to make new own workflow from zero base if you want to customize approval workflow.

I introduce these steps in two blog posts.

OK, I introduce Part1 first, add bellow Person or Group TextBox as CC in ChangeRequest in Task Form.

The Steps are here.

  • First create a copy of default Approval Workflow in SPD. Click Copy and Modify and create new copy of default Approval Workflow.

  • Click Approval Workflow Task.

  • Click New in Task Form Fields to create CC as Person or Group Field.

  • Fill in these TextBox, choose Person or Group in Information type, and click Next.

  • Click Finish.

  • Save and Publish the .Approval Workflow.
  • Back to Approval - Copy05 page. Click Approval Workflow Task in Form.

  • Task Form is opened in InfoPath 2010. Check the CC form which was created previous step. 

  • Select CC Row and copy it(Control + C). Delete CC Row from default form.

Tips : You can also add CC from Fields property menu. But you can't resolve names in CC by using Enter key if you drag & drop CC from Fields property menu to ChangeRequest form. So you had better use the copy from default form.

  • Click Page Design Tab and choose ChangeRequest from View pulldown.

  • Add new Row and paste CC Row (Control + V) in ChangeRequest form.

  • Save the InfoPath form to local and Publish it.

Steps were finished.
I'll introduce how to use the CC in next blog post.


  1. Hi. It is applicable only for Sharepoint Server 2010, not for Sharepoint Foundation? I didn´t found any Globaly reusable Workflow. Please, let me know. Thank you

  2. Thanks for these instructions ! I really appreciated the read and it works like a charm ! Shall be dropping by from time to time now.