How to Customize Default Approval Workflow (Part.2)

In Part. 1 blog post, I introduced how to add Person or Group TextBox as CC form in Change Request Task Form. Only adding CC form, It doesn't work. So, in this blog post, I introduce how to add logic in custom Approval workflow to use CC form.

The Steps are here.

  • In Approval - Copy05 Top, click "Edit Workflow" and click "Approval Workflow Task (en-US) Copy".

  • Click "Change the behavior of a single task".

  • Add "Set Workflow Variable" in "When a Task Completes" section's top.

  • Click "workflow variable" and click "Create a new variable..." from pulldown. Fill in arbitrary name and choose String Type. Press OK.

  • Click value and click fx. Fill bellow parameters.

  • Click "Current Task:Assigned To" in "When a Task is Pending".

  • Click icon besides CC. Select "Workflow Lookup for a User...". And Fill in bellow parameters.

  • Click OK and publish the workflow.

The steps were finished. Please confirm that you can get CC email when you run the workflow.

In the steps, I created a workflow variable in "When a Task Completes" section to get CC form content. And I added the workflow variable as a CC address in "When a Task is Pending" section. The important point is that you can't directly get CC form content in "When a Task is Pending" section. When you fill in CC form and click Send in Change Request form of a workflow task, The workflow task is completed and new workflow task is created. CC form content is associated the completed task. So you need to get CC form content in "When a Task Completes" section.


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